If I am being broken,

break me ’till my bones snap,

’till my nerves sever,

’till my eyesight shatters.

Break me and make me new.



Shoes, barriers between feet and ground, constantly change according to the seasons. Summer brings old navy brand sandals capable of enduring the hot UV rays, but fail at protecting sensitive skin from sun burn and cancers. It would be wise to pack sun screen and an umbrella. Speaking of umbrellas, rainy season calls for rubber fisherman boots to allow walking on water! Winter blizzards bring forth the awaited Uggs ,or preferably soft, snuggly sleeping slippers for remaining indoors. Spring is a time of shoe heaven, in a sense; almost any shoe applies if you just believe. But what about no shoes? Sensing the earth beneath the soles of our bodies, the physical connection between the earth and man. Allowing the blades of golden grass to play a whimsical game of peek-a-boo with its partner, toe gaps.

In the Middle of the Night

How it feels so dreadful to stay awake, yet so peaceful. The sky is clear and the covers protect me against the chill of the drafty room I rest in. Not a sound is heard besides the respiration, in and out, of my lungs. The beat of my heart. The heaviness of my eyes.
The shadows seem ambiguous, but welcoming. The ceiling is sparkling due to the small light and the glitter. I sense no nightmares, or dreams for that matter, in the shadows. No whispers in the dark can be heard. All that is heard is my racing thoughts, good and bad, of my mind. The heaviness of my eyes.
Dong, dong. Dong, dong. I hear twelve of them. I still awake lie awake, weak and losing. My body finally welcomes it- the darkness of the shadows, the warmth of the covers, the constant breathing, the invitation to my mind’s adventure into dreamland.
The rings dissapear into the void of the shadows and dark, the whispers cease, fears slip away, and my eyes relent. All is silent. All is calm.


No I in Team

Picture this: the cool waves of a blue water wave, the chants of the crowd, the face of your team when you make a goal. This is Waterpolo.
There is always a thrill out of a ball and a pool as long as there is something to shoot at. This feeling of togetherness and kinship is something shared in sports, as well as the feeling of heading into battle. The team sticks together against the opposing enemy in order to have a victory and show fear in other neighboring teams… Or something along those lines.
This thrill of the game is only just beginning. No matter what sport, keep this in mind: without togetherness, there would be no team, no we, no win. Keep the feeling alive and stay strong together.

This photograph of the varsity boys team at sunset was taken in Livermore by yours truly.

Goals towards 2014-15

Hello visitors to “The World Is Your Audience”!
I would like to begin by apologising to those who have been paciently waiting for my next post to be published. In reality I have been slacking off from wordpress. In addition, I wanted to go out for long bike rides around the city. Other than that, I just can’t think of a good enough reason to give besides I forgot.
This is how I plan to make up for my absence: I want to try to write something every two weeks at the very least. That way, there will be something new. In addition to the two blog posts I plan to write, I will add a personal feeling post so my feelings can show themselves. Lastly, it would be nice to make myself a bit more known. For this to work, I have to commit to what I say for this year. Well, it’s time for my challenge to begin!


Our imagination runs wild. Ideas explode out of our mind and escape in an instant, forgotten and lost to the wind. It’s amazing how many good ideas we have ,but once the moment is over and your thoughts aren’t on paper, it’s forever gone.

We don’t remember. Has that ever happened to you once? You have this great idea and you know what to do and next thing you know, it’s gone? Poof. Almost no one writes down their ideas to share later on. No means of expressing themselves and their bright thoughts.

This may sound a little crazy, but to me, writing isn’t just about doing what the teachers tell you. That’s just a baseline. Real writing is who you are and what you like or want to tell. Your story. Your ideas. Your canvas.

As a good friend of mine once said, “Write because you want to not because you feel you have to”. Writing is just words untill you bring meaning to them. You bring your ideas to life by writing them down and sharing them when you feel ready. Writing should never be a have to, it’s a want to.

Everything matters, just write. The world is your audience.