Sitting quietly to be sealed in a pact, a chain binds you to your master, your friend, your lover. Its gentle music of sweet golden metal being hit, resonating in the air, leaves a gentle and calming aura. The melody hypnotizing, creating a faithful servant or persons in the same faithful state of mind, body, and soul. This bond, this relationship, only shared by the two, but visible to all. The slim, golden chain, thin enough to be broken, is unbreakable by key or combination of numbers or letters. Its solidity is underestimated by its delicacy and elegance. And its weight! Light as a feather floating about the wind or a leaf blowing on a tree.
An invisible force that holds you together like gravity holds you to the ground. Pure bliss dancing on your tastebuds parallel to the sensation of chocolate on a chocolate lover’s tongue. Its sweetness overflowing, enchanting. Lasts longer than the taste of mint gum in your mouth. It relieves like water in the desert. Satisfies your want, your need. The fresh scent of a pine forest blanketing and comforting. It captures and eliminates bad odors even better than ferbreeze. It doesnt go away in riches or in poverty,good or bad, sickness or health, ’till death do you part… Unless you break the chain.


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