My Theme to “RITS” (CRR)

Thinking about the possible outcomes in the play A Raisin in the Sun, I could not think of a positive possibility that was secure enough to be called the end. In fact, my first thought about the book was, “How does it end? Where’s the rest of it?” Well, turns out the author, Lorraine Hansberry intended it to be that way for a reason. Thanks to this, my teacher, Ms.Kuei, has asked us what we think Hansberry is trying to convey, ending her story that way.  I believe she is trying to say that family will always go through problems, but we might never know what will really happen after the curtain goes down.

 In the end of every act, I’ve noticed it ends in a cliffhanger. Things are tense in the younger household. Mama wanted Walter, her son, to defend the unborn baby from his wife, Ruth. In return, Walter replied with nothing. Mama then exclaimed” you are a disgrace to your father’s memory. Somebody get me my hat!”(43). Man, I just can’t tell what mama’s going to do. From here, I can’t even tell if she’s going to leave and never come back. Although, I can still remember when my parents were on the verge of divorce, they held strong to each other. None of us anticipated that our family would still be together. In this case, we don’t know what will happen to the younger family.

 I know, this isn’t the ending, but if I did take a quote from the finale, my response would still be the same. There is no “real” end to this tale. The world will continue to circle the sun and turn on its axis without fail. Every problem they face won’t make time stop for them. Life will continue to move forward, even if they are bombed by the white people. Life will continue whether it’s calm or the storm.


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