Will You Take Me As I Am? ( SSR )

Will you take me as I am? I wouldn’t take myself but God would.To be honest with myself, I was in a state of shock when I heard this question and failed to ask myself whenever I pray:” Will you take me as I am? ”. It seriously made an impact on how I really thought and still think of God and how merciful he is. I didn’t understand the song at first and didn’t even think the song was Christian! Now, I see Him in a new light that I failed to see before.

I can relate to this in many ways considering my life was never lollipops and gumdrops. This made me think about how I would first try to fix things on my own before even considering God could help me however I go to him. I thought my problems and troubles were too insignificant for the Almighty God who freed the Israelites from Egypt. I thought I needed to be “decent” before approaching him. Boy was I wrong.

What I thought was right was the complete opposite of what I should have done. Instead of staying up every night thinking of how I could resolve my own problems, I needed to ask him a simple question: Will you take me as I am? Who knew these seven words would bring me peace of mind,  soul, and spirit? I was shocked at the fact that this question’s answer was so simple. God always will take us however we are and helps us change  from the inside out.

Upon hearing whether God would take me, I sighted in relief. After hearing he would, the smile on my face became visible and grew a mile wide. I was happy God would accept a piece of trash like me and turn me into a piece of art. My expectations weren’t high but my joy skyrocketed. Those four to five minutes of music and lyrics changed my mood from majorly let down to happy and at peace.


3 thoughts on “Will You Take Me As I Am? ( SSR )

  1. Wow. Just wow. This is so deep. This is one of the reasons why I really like your blog. You’re so passionate and you don’t hold back on writing something that’s on your mind. Loved this!

  2. Aww sweetie! i’m so glad to read this! I think that’s one of the best things about knowing God: knowing He’s got out back and can help us through anything. That’s what brings us peace. It’s beautiful to read the things God is showing you, not just through the Bible but in your daily life, in very real ways.

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